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We Are East Africa Fruit Farm

East Africa Fruit Farm trades and markets all types of foods, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables significantly reducing post-harvest losses by cold storage and powering all activities with renewable energy. Smallholder farmers in the supply chain are supported with fair prices and readily prepared land. Our model focuses on eliminating post-harvest losses and impacting farmers by increasing their income.

We are fully fledged distributor of fresh produce mainly fruits and vegetables to restaurants, supermarkets, institutions, wholesalers and export market; with full range of conventional, organic and high quality produce grown by smallholder farmers from the rich soils of Southern, Northern Highlands of Tanzania and coastal regions.

We engage in large production and distribution of varieties of fruits and vegetables including pineapples, watermelons, oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, carrots and green pepper. We supply fruits and vegetables to customers all over Tanzania. Our operations enable us to work hand in hand with small holder farmers to improve the agriculture practices by overcoming major challenges facing the agriculture sector such as post-harvest losses, lack of markets, poor quality and low quantity of yield.

As fruits and vegetables plays a vital role in human’s diet for maintenance of good health and wellbeing the company’s role is to provide the best quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Our Mission

“Modernizing agribusiness and increase farmers’ income by reducing post-harvest losses and add value to food.”

We aim to provide customer satisfaction by offering markets all types of foods, grains and fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, impeccable services, guaranteeing accurate supply, fast delivery and developing strong partnership with farmers and our customers while delivering services to special groups of people, promoting post-harvest technologies that will improve rural community incomes and join world’s efforts to fight against malnutrition in developing nations.

Our Vision

“The largest aggregator and distributor of grains and fresh produce in Africa”

We envision a paradigm shift for agriculture produce in terms of growing, handling, transportation and storage in Africa. We see food waste (post-harvest losses) in Africa reduced to at least 25% by 2030, saving more than 120 million tons of food that would otherwise go to waste annually. All together to maximize our prior responsibilities that are pertinent to our clients’ (both farmers and consumers) needs through producing strict quality and safe grains and fresh produce, for health and economical satisfaction.

We provide fully satisfaction by offering fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, impeccable services, guaranteeing accurate supply.


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